The Message 3:1 goes live soon

On Tuesday January 30th our short devotional podcast goes live! You will be able to find it on the website, on our soon coming app, and across all major podcast distributors. We are calling it the Message 3:1 because each episode is 1 topic/scripture, 3 minutes long, and releases 3 times per week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). We want this to be something that aids you in your bible study journey. This is not to be a stand alone bible study but it is meant to highlight scriptures and what God shows us in His word. This supplements your study and will hopefully inspire your faith as we look to God together!
We are very excited about this new development and avenue of ministry. Not only will this help us as believers in God, to understand Him better, and get consistent scripture in our lives...but because this is short and straightforward, it may speak to nonbelievers. We have tried to design something so convenient that it eliminates excuses and opposition to hearing a moment of scripture. Please pray for this new field for the church because we are hoping that this will find people where they are and let them know that there is a very large and powerful God that loves them!
You can share these short devotional podcasts over text message, email, and social media. If you hear something in one of them and you feel like somebody else could benefit from it, please send it to them or share it. None of our ministry team is trying to become famous but we are trying to connect people and God using everything at our disposal. We are using technology to fulfill the great commission. We are going to stretch our hands as far God allows, hoping that it makes an eternal difference for at least one soul in the world. You listening and sharing, helps to make this ministry effective.
Thank you for all that you do and may God bless you,
Pastor Tyler Henderson 

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